Mach 12 Coin Processor

The Glory Global Solutions Mach 12 is a high speed, heavy duty coin processor suitable ro high volume, multi-shift processing centers where throughput and reliability is paramount.

Mach 12 is specifically designed to withstand the rigors of continuous use associated with non-stop processing found in central processing centers across a variety of coin heavy business.  Highly configuable, Mach 12 can track and consolidate management.

  • 6000 coins per minute (CPM). This makes the Mach 9 one of the fastest in its class.
  • For customers processing large volume of coins, The Mach 12 has as standard an extra large inspection pan, enhanced sorter plate and hard disk plug.
  • Keypad printer are easy to reach yet out of the way of heavy coin bags. There’s a place to store pens, pencils and clips and even a dedicated space to rest coin bags.