Mach 6 Coin Processor

The GGS Mach 6 is a fast, accurate and versatile coin processor configurable for tabletop or higher volume applications requiring bagging capability.

The Mach 6 is the perfect solution for medium-sized bank branches, retailers, transportation authorities and small casino operations. Highly configurable, the Mach 6 can track and consolidate management information, eliminating the need for manual reporting.

  • 3000 coins per minute (CPM). This makes the Mach 6 one of the fastest in its class.
  • Coin detection off sorts intrusive or counterfeit coins.
  • The Management Information Control System (MICS) option provides three levels of memory and allows other media, such as cheques, vouchers or bulk coin to be entered via the keypad. Notes can be entered manually or automatically transferred if a note counter is interfaced, ensuring a comprehensive audit trial.