Ntegra Note Sorter

Ntegra is the new compact and portable desktop counter with the capability of banknote sorting. Ntegra can revolutionize desktop cash handling in small, medium and large cash processing environments. Engineered to deliver unprecedented efficiency savings through continuous and uninterrupted use, Ntegra denominates and authenticates different currencies at a processing speed of 1000 notes per minute. Optional fitness sorting ensures that processes, which were once only achievable on large sorting systems, are now attainable at the front line.

· Detection: Full width CIS, IR and Tape, UV, FL and Double Detection. Multi-channel Magnetics.
· 1,000 notes per minute.
· Ntegra’s interface is designed to make the ‘user experience’ more enjoyable and more valuable than any other machine on the market. The Clear Colour graphical display and Windows CE operating system gives the user simple, clear and multilingual messages.